Cleveland Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash

Board of Directors

Richard McClain, 10th Dan

Don DeVries, 9th Dan

Chuck Chirdon, 8th Dan

Jerry Roberts, 8th Dan

Ciro Grandini, 6th Dan

John Walton, 5th Dan

Advisory Board

Dee Daniels, 10th Dan

Richard A. Fike, Sr., 10th Dan

A. J. Perry, 9th Dan

Don Mathews, 9th Dan

Ken Stopek, 7th Dan

Sal LaCorte, 6th Dan

Lee Quignano, 3rd Dan

The Cleveland Martial Arts Hall of Fame was founded in 2017 by Richard McClain and Don DeVries under the umbrella of Sport Karate Productions.

Its primary foundation is for the recognition and advancement of Martial Artists in the state of Ohio and for those that promote Martial Arts in the state of Ohio and the USA by allowing Honorary members the same recognition.

In 2023 we added Martial Hearts to assist with funding MA lessons for children that are

unable to afford lessons through members' schools.

Who can be a member?

• Any Black Belt that is in good standing in the Martial Arts community.

• Must be nominated by a member of the Hall of Fame.

• Must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Can we bring guests to the Banquet?

• Yes! Family, friends, and students are welcome!

Will I receive an award?

• Yes, a beautiful 11x18 Hall of Fame certificate signed by all board members and a member patch!

What does it cost?

There is no charge to be a member.

• Cleveland Hall of Fame is self-funded by its yearly banquet and golf outing.

• We ask curent members to show their support for both events.

Sponsor Levels

  Green Leaf:  


Certificate of donation.

  Bronze Leaf:  


Certificate of donation.

One complimentary seminar entry.

  Silver Leaf:  


Certificate of donation.

One complimentary banquet dinner.

  Gold Leaf:  


Certificate of donation.

Two complimentary banquet dinners.

Most Asked Questions